Advanced Telecom is partnered with the some of the most Reputable Brands for providing SIP Trunks and your Internet Connections.
Let us Save you Up To 70% on these services.


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What is SIP Trunking?

  • SIP trunking is a way to enable business phones to work over an internet connection instead of a traditional POTS, T1, PRI Trunk Lines.
  • SIP trunking allows companies to transmit and receive different types of data, including voice calls, text, and video.

A few of the benefits of SIP Trunks vs Traditional (POTS, T1, ISDN/PRI) are: 

  • There is a Significant Cost Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Return on Investment
  • Scalability

Here are a few items we would need in order to produce a SIP Trunk quote for you:

  1. How many concurrent 2 way calls will you need? This will determine how many SIP Trunks you will need.
  2. Your Location Address
  3. Current Internet Provider
  4. What term would you want this service to be for. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years?
  5. Do you need Local and Long Distance? No problem, they’re included for free.

A few items we need in order to produce an Internet Quote:

  1. Your Location Address
  2. Bandwidth/Speed
  3. Managed or Un-managed

Contact us below, Call or Email for a Quick Quote. We want your business and will work hard for it.


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