NSvConnect Configuration Form

  • In configuring the new system, there are a few questions that need answering to get the system configured correctly.


    For the deskphone users I need:
    Name, Email, preferred pin number for the mailbox (a random 4 digit code can be assigned if you prefer), and if the user will be a standard user - access to only their own single account, or administrator - access to all accounts as well as account settings and music on hold.
  • User #1

  • User #2

  • Phone Numbers To Port

    These are the phone numbers you plan to keep.
    Every desk phone you get automatically has a random phone number assigned to it. In general, you'll keep your main phone number, your fax number, and any other numbers you may be advertising with or need to be moved over to this service.
  • If I've discussed with you that the fax line is staying with the internet line, then this can remain blank.
  • Please list any additional numbers you want to move over.

  • Extension Numbers

    These can be from 2 to 5 digits. If you don't have a preference, 101, 102, 103, etc will be assigned.
    If the default scheme is ok but you'd like a specific extension for a particular user, just enter the name and extension you'd like assigned.

  • Call Routing

    Incoming calls can be routed to your desk phone, as well as its corresponding cellphone, or to an auto attendant. This can happen simultaneously or with a timed delay.
    For instance - The incoming call rings on the desk phones, then if not answered, it goes to voicemail, OR - the incoming call rings on the desk phones and the cellphones at the same time, then if not answered, it goes to voicemail.
    You also have the option of an automated attendant where either, (a) before a call rings on phones or, (b) after a set time limit of ringing on phones the caller is greeted with a recording of "Thank you for calling, please press 1 for..., press two for..., etc." Or lastly, you can have a general delivery mailbox simply that states, "Thanks for calling, no one is available, etc" after a specific number of rings.
    Your preference?
    (if this is confusing, call me - 714-469-5262)

  • Night Option

    You have the option to have an after-hours greeting automatically played when the location is closed.
    For instance - zero rings - go directly to the general box with a greeting of: Thank you for calling, you have reached us after hours...

  • Speed Dial Numbers

    The phones have buttons that can be set up for speed dial. Do you have numbers programmed on your current phones that you want to be transferred to the new ones? They can be the same for each phone or different, all I need is a list with the name and phone number for each phone. This is also doable at your convenience from either the desk phone itself or the web portal at a later date.

  • Hold Music

    Do you have a specific song that you want me to upload for the music on hold?
    I offer a selection you can choose from of on-hold music that is royalty-free here - Music On Hold Samples
    These have a random greeting built in that says something like - "Your call is important to us, be assured we are working hard to get to your call..." The first one is usually at the one minute mark.