Are you tired of looking at and using your old, worn-out phone system?

Are you tired of paying for those legacy phone lines because your system can’t handle the new low-cost phone lines?

If your answer is yes and yes, this program is for you.

OK, here’s how it works:

  1. We lower your monthly phone line & internet charges by up to 75%
  2. With only part of that savings, you purchase, on a 0% lease, a new, state of the art Panasonic phone system
  3. You have a lower monthly expenditure and a new phone system

It’s like getting paid to get a new phone system!

This will be a system that you own, and after the 2 or 3-year lease is paid off, you will have no payments. You will have access to all the features and options of the new cloud-based hosted systems, without the monthly charge.

Here are a couple actual customer examples:

Example #1:
The customer had 12 call paths (lines) and 22 desk phones. In addition, they had a T1 for those lines and an internet circuit. They were spending over $1200/mo for internet and phone lines.

We provided the customer 12 SIP trunk call paths with unlimited long distance at $22.50/mo each for a total of $270.05/mo. We also installed a new, faster internet service at $421/mo.
The 0%, 36-month lease for the new system is $366.07/mo.

They are now spending 1,057.12/mo for 36 months and after that, will spend only $691.05/mo for internet and phone service.

Their savings? $7200 over the life of the lease and after that, they save $6000 every year.

Example #2

This customer had a small phone system with 6 desk phones and 4 Frontier phone lines (including 1 fax line). They were spending $331/month just for the phone lines.

We expanded the new system to 6 SIP trunk lines with 7 desk phones.

They are now spending $272/month, saving $58.68/mo. right off the bat AND are enjoying a brand new phone system!

Are you interested in seeing if we can do the same for you?

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